Battery powered pruning shear 35mm

This battery powered pruning shear, equipped with a brushless motor with high power and a long life, is ideal for pruning in the garden. You can cut effortlessly throughout the day with these battery-operated pruning shear. This is partly possible because this device will be supplied with 2 batteries.

Great tool for pruning lime trees, but of course all kinds of other trees and shrubs, such as laurel bushes.

With the trigger present on the pruning shear, it is possible to set it in such a way that the shear’s blades only open halfway. The latter is necessary to be able to work faster if many thin branches have to be cut.

Branches with a thickness of up to 35 mm are no problem at all. Even thicker branches can be cut with our mini chainsaw. With both handy tools you can finish pruning in no time.

The battery of this pruning shear also fits in the mini chainsaw.