Portek Charger very fast log splitter


The Portek CHARGER is the fastest log splitter on the market today, now with improved 8,5 ton impact.
The CHARGER is a super fast, powerful and portable machine, with a build quality you expect from Portek. With a convenient handle, strong chassis and wheels, the CHARGER can easily be positioned on any flat ground, ready to start work.
Two large spinning flywheels, powered by a 1.5kw electric motor, drive the powerful ram with a force of 8,5 tonnes. The machine uses kinetic energy to hit your logs with high impact; cutting them quickly and safely.

Works as fast as you can!
• Uses kinetic energy to split logs – fast!
• Has a high impact force of 8,5 tonnes
• Portable and easily positioned
• Can cut through tough, knotty wood
• Easy to use – even your gran can use it!

The Portek CHARGER is the only
fast log splitter that meets EU CE
Marking Directives.

Dimensions: 140 x 54 x 95 cm
Packaging: 127 x 38 x 62 cm
Weight: 73 kg