Capturing wildlife on camera and in perfect frame. A video of roe deer or wild boar in the forest. Or do you want to see what is walking or staying in your garden at night? This camera is also suitable for checking if there is any nuisance from unwanted animals. By the image you get, you can determine which repelling method is best applicable.

The camera takes beautiful videos or photos both at night and during the day. The camera turns on and off automatically for long battery life. Even for months if it is on standby.

The features of this camera:

  • Takes pictures up to 16 MP
  • Shoots videos in full HD
  • Black camera LEDs so that the animals are not startled by the flash
  • A range of 20 meters during the day
  • A range of 15 meters at night
  • IP 56
  • Motion sensor
  • Detection angle of 120°

Not included as standard, but can be ordered from us:

  • Micro SD card
  • 10 pcs AA batteries